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Education and Promotion

  • Dental Bytes newsletter is produced by the NC Oral Health Section to provide informative updates and educational resources for teachers, public health providers, dental professionals and citizens concerned with children's dental health in North Carolina.
    Dental Bytes provides articles on timely dental topics that are helpful to use in the classroom or in a health care setting. These articles provide highlights about dental public health efforts to prevent oral disease in the state.
  • Please visit our Oral Health Educational Resources page to download and print quality health education materials developed for all age groups.
  • North Carolina teachers can download and print our Printed Educational Materials Order Form for ordering printed educational materials.


The Oral Health Section (OHS) is the only statewide dental program, either public or private, that provides prevention and education services on dental health specifically for children. Prevention is the key to improved oral health. Too many citizens, and children in particular, experience preventable dental disease.

The 2008-2009 Oral Health Section Annual Report
is now available for download.
Please CLICK HERE to learn about our programs.

Mission of the NC Oral Health Section:
To promote conditions in which all North Carolinians can achieve oral health as part of overall health.

Our Vision:
North Carolina children – cavity-free forever

People We Serve:
• Children
• Adults who influence the health of children
• Health care providers

Our Goal:
To work towards eliminating disparities in oral health by using best practices to:

1. Reduce oral disease through prevention/education/health promotion
2. Ensure that evidence-based systems are implemented to monitor the public's oral health
3. Ensure access to dental care
4. Provide professional education

We accomplish these best practices in partnership with:
• Health care professionals and professional organizations
• Organizations that support improved health to make their communities stronger
• Individuals who care about our children's health

CLICK HERE to read the complete
2009-2010 NC Oral Health Section
Strategic Plan


Since oral public health's "patient" is the community, the majority of the programs are tailored to the general public and health care providers. The Oral Health Section staff are community based to provide as many direct prevention and education services to the citizens of North Carolina as possible. Most Oral Health Section staff are based in the county(ies) they serve. The majority of their offices are located in local health departments. All programs include education to help individuals have better oral health by improving toothbrushing and flossing skills, using dental sealants and fluorides, changing their diets, and visiting their dentist regularly.

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Into the Mouths of Babes (IMB) is a program that trains medical providers to deliver preventive oral health services to high-risk children from the time of tooth eruption until the third birthday, including oral screening, parent/caregiver education, and fluoride varnish application. LEARN MORE

Read the Winter 2010 IMB Newsletter


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Updated on June 21, 2010


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